University Canada West Scholarships

University Canada West Scholarships offers for both undergraduate and master’s degree programs, welcoming international students to apply. The scholarships cater to various programs including MBA, Commerce, Business Communication, and Arts, setting students on a path to a promising academic journey in Canada. The undergraduate programs run for four years while master’s degree programs last up to two years, aligning with the university’s typical program periods.

University Canada West Scholarships coverage is designed to provide substantial financial support, divided into two tier systems. Tier 1 includes up to $10,000 for an Undergraduate Associate of Arts Degree, $20,000 for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Business Communication, and $10,000 for a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Meanwhile, tier 2 offers $4,000 for an Undergraduate Associate of Arts Degree, $8,000 for Commerce and Business Communication degrees, and $5,000 for MBA candidates. This tiered approach facilitates a range of opportunities to suit different academic achievements and financial needs.

To be eligible, candidates must be proficient in English and hail from any country across the world. Applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements for University Canada West, and must already have received an offer to study at the institution.

An essential component of the application is the submission of a personal statement, which assesses the individual’s career objectives, educational and personal ambitions, potential contributions to economic development, and the challenges they may anticipate. The strength and quality of this personal statement are crucial, as they will not only determine the candidate’s suitability for the scholarship but also the tier and amount they may receive. Applications should include the completed Scholarship & Award Application form and the personal statement, both submitted alongside the application to UCW.

Levels and Period of Study

University Canada West offers scholarships for different levels of study, specifically designed to assist both undergraduate and master’s students. For undergraduates, the scholarship is valid for a duration of 4 years, covering various bachelor’s programs. Master’s candidates can benefit from this opportunity for a standard 2-year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

  • Undergraduate: 4-year programs
  • Masters: 2-year MBA program

Institution and Course Offerings

The scholarship is available at University Canada West, located in the welcoming environment of Canada. The scholarship encompasses a range of courses including MBA, Commerce, Business Communication, and Arts, thereby accepting applications for a diverse span of academic disciplines.

  • Institution: University Canada West, Canada
  • Courses: MBA, Commerce, Business Communication, Arts

University Canada West Scholarships Coverage

The scholarship is classified into two primary tiers. Tier 1 offers substantial financial aid whereas, Tier 2 provides a moderate scholarship amount suitable for partially covering educational expenses. The amounts vary depending on the program one is admitted to.

  • Tier 1:
    • $10,000 for Undergraduate Associate of Arts Degree
    • $20,000 for Undergraduate Degree of Commerce and Business Communication
    • $10,000 for MBA
  • Tier 2:
    • $4,000 for Undergraduate Associate of Arts Degree
    • $8,000 for Undergraduate Degree of Commerce and Business Communication
    • $5,000 for MBA

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is open to students globally, provided they fulfill the necessary language and academic entry requirements set by University Canada West. A key determinant of the scholarship award tier and amount is the strength and quality of the applicant’s personal statement.

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  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  • Entry Requirement: Meet University Canada West minimum requirement
  • Admission Offer: required
  • Personal Statement: required for determining award amount
University Canada West Scholarships

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to take note of University Admission deadlines, as they coincide with the scholarship application period. The application process necessitates the submission of a completed Scholarship & Award Application form alongside a personal statement that outlines the applicant’s objectives and envisioned challenges.

  • Submit completed Scholarship & Award Application form
  • Include Personal Statement
  • Observe University Admission deadlines

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