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The University of British Columbia (UBC) is renowned for its diverse and comprehensive undergraduate programs, thereby making it an ideal destination for students across the globe aiming to pursue higher education in Canada. Eligible students striving for academic excellence now have the opportunity to apply for UBC scholarships until January 15, 2024. These merit-based awards are open to students engaged in a wide array of academic disciplines including but not limited to Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Political Science, Linguistics, Media, Arts, Business, Economics, Earth Sciences, Sustainability, Health Sciences, Engineering, and various STEM fields.

To be considered for the UBC Undergraduate Scholarships, candidates must meet several criteria. These include demonstrating proficiency in English prior to admission, possessing a solid track record of academic success, and engaging in significant extracurricular or community service activities. The scholarships are available to students from any country who are newly entering UBC directly from high school, college, or university. In addition, applicants must be planning to study at UBC with a Canadian student visa. The number and value of the scholarships awarded annually are contingent upon available funds, marking a significant financial support opportunity that embraces both need and merit.

Prospective students interested in securing a financial award from UBC must follow a specific application process. This includes creating a new account and completing a personal profile, followed by an application to UBC, which asks for detailed information. Applicants must be mindful of the deadlines, as documentation proving English Language Admission Standards must be submitted by February 15, underscoring the importance of organizing all parts of the application well in advance. UBC’s scholarships represent a valuable asset for students worldwide, seeking to alleviate the financial burden while attaining education in one of Canada’s premier institutions.

UBC Scholarships Education Level

The University of British Columbia offers scholarships for students undertaking an undergraduate degree. This opportunity aims to support students in reaching their educational aspirations at the bachelor’s level, allowing them to immerse in various academic disciplines.

  • Intended for undergraduate students


Scholarships are available at the prestigious University of British Columbia (UBC), which is recognized globally for its academic excellence and cutting-edge research, set in the beautiful backdrop of Vancouver, Canada.

  • Offered at University of British Columbia (UBC)

UBC Scholarships for International Students

Candidates looking for an international education experience will find UBC’s undergraduate scholarships particularly appealing, as they will be studying in Canada, known for its high-quality education system and inclusive society.

  • Education to take place in Canada

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the UBC Scholarships is January 15, 2024. This annual deadline is critical for the applicants to adhere to, in order to be considered for the financial aid.

  • Annual deadline: January 15, 2024

Offered Courses

UBC provides a wide range of courses across various fields of study, fostering an environment that promotes interdisciplinary learning and research. The offered courses include but are not limited to the following subjects:

  • Humanities, Culture, and Society
  • History, Law, and Politics
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Media and Fine Arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Earth Sciences, Environment, and Sustainability
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Education

Scholarship Scope

Each year UBC offers a number of scholarships whose extent and quantity are subject to available funds. This gives a range of opportunities to prospective students based on financial needs and academic excellence.

  • Variability based on available funds annually

Eligibility Criteria for UBC Undergraduate Scholarships

To be eligible for the UBC Scholarships, applicants must meet specific criteria, including English language proficiency, country of residence, and should be starting their studies at UBC directly from high school or a post-secondary institution.

  • Ability to meet the English language requirement
  • Open to all nationalities
  • Must be commencing studies directly at UBC
  • Must possess a Canadian study permit
  • Outstanding academic achievement and promise
  • Must not have been nominated for a need and merit-based International Student scholarship
UBC Scholarships

Application Process

Applicants are required to follow a series of steps to apply for the scholarships. This includes creating a new account, completing a personal profile, and applying to UBC via the specified method with the necessary English language documentation by February 15.

  • Create a new account for application
  • Complete your personal profile
  • Submit English Language Proficiency documents by February 15

Official Website: https://you.ubc.ca/financial-planning/scholarships-awards-international-students/

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