Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships 2024 – Fully Funded

Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships aims to foster educational development and research excellence by providing financial assistance to deserving candidates.

Understanding that the cost of higher education can be a significant barrier, Ton Duc Thang University offers a variety of scholarships to reduce this burden. The scholarships come in three primary forms: a full scholarship covering complete tuition and living accommodations, a partial scholarship catering to 50% of these costs, and a specialized research scholarship designed to support those with a track record of impactful publications at TDTU. These offerings place emphasis on academic merit and research capabilities, ensuring that recipients are those with a demonstrated commitment to their field of study.

Candidates eager to seize this opportunity must ensure they meet the linguistic prerequisites, which depend on the language of instruction for the chosen program. English language proficiency, evidenced by scores from TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or PET/FCE, is among the essential requirements for non-native speakers. The application process is straightforward but thorough, requiring an online submission replete with documents including but not limited to CVs, academic transcripts, a statement of purpose, letters of reference, and a health check report. This meticulous procedure ensures only the most dedicated and qualified individuals are granted these scholarships, facilitating access to excellence in higher education at Ton Duc Thang University.

Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships Programs

Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships for various levels of higher education including Masters, PhD, and Postdoctoral studies. The scholarship is open to students from around the globe, providing them a chance to pursue quality education at one of Vietnam’s esteemed institutions.

  • Masters
  • PhD
  • Postdoctoral

Institution and Location

The scholarships are available at Ton Duc Thang University, which is situated in the vibrant and culturally rich country of Vietnam. This institution is known for its robust academic programs and research facilities.

  • Ton Duc Thang University
  • Vietnam, Location

Application Deadline

Interested candidates should take note of the application deadline, which is set on May 30, 2024. It is crucial to submit all required documents before this date to be considered for the scholarship.

  • Deadline: May 30, 2024

Available Courses

The university offers a diverse range of courses. Candidates can choose from fields such as Accounting, Applied Sciences, Business Administration among others, catering to a wide array of academic interests and career aspirations.

  • Accounting
  • Applied Sciences
  • Business Administration

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Scholarship Coverage

There are different types of scholarships provided: Full scholarships include tuition and accommodation costs, Partial scholarships cover 50% of these fees, and Research scholarships are granted based on the publications for TDTU.

  • Full Scholarship – Tuition and Accommodation
  • Partial Scholarship – 50% Tuition and Accommodation
  • Research Scholarship – Based on publications

Language Requirements

Depending on the language of instruction, applicants must meet certain language requirements. Specific scores for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, PET/FCE are needed to be eligible for the application.


Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship program is inclusive, accepting applications from all world countries. Prospective students must comply with the required documentation to be considered eligible for the scholarship offerings.

  • Open to all world countries
  • Required documents for application
Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships

Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships Application Process

The application process is conducted online. Applicants must submit an online form along with various documents such as a CV, transcripts, certificates, statements of purpose, criminal records, passport copies, reference letters, photographs, health check reports, and proof of English proficiency.

  • Apply online
  • Submit required documentation

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