Scholarships in Germany for International Students 2024

Are you in search of financial assistance to embark upon your educational journey in Germany? The encouraging news is that there’s a plethora of scholarship options available for international students. This article will provide you with comprehensive details on scholarship programmes offered by Germany’s prestigious universities, the benefits they entail, and how you can apply for them.

For the academic year of 2024-2025, a wide array of scholarships is available to international pupils at German institutions of higher education. The scholarships on offer may provide either complete or partial financial assistance, and include crucial financial support such as monthly allowances, tuition fees, lodgings, health coverage, and travel aid.

Should you find yourself in search of unbroken scholarship support, you might well open the doors to reading at Germany’s prestigious educational establishments. Discover the possibility of studying at famed German universities like Technical Munich, Heidelberg, and Humboldt Berlin through scholarship programmes that are to the advantage of international students, covering all expenses in their entirety. Here is a precis of some of the full scholarship opportunities in Germany:

DAAD Scholarship

The scholarship provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) enables students from across the globe to participate in fully-funded master’s or doctoral programmes at Germany’s prestigious institutions of higher education. The programme proffers financial aid of 934 euros per month for candidates at the master’s level and a monthly stipend of 1,200 euros for doctoral students, thus covering educational expenses.

Institution(s): German Universities
Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

The grant provided by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation serves as a source of financial aid for students pursuing their studies in Germany. This comprehensive scholarship package offers a substantial base income of up to 850 Euros per month for undergraduates or postgraduates, in addition to health insurance, and, should it be deemed appropriate, supplementary family or child support.

Institution: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Diploma

International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship

This scholarship, presented by the Max Planck Research School, affords international doctoral students the opportunity to pursue their education without financial encumbrance. The scholarship encompasses social entitlements, such as health and pension insurance contributions, and ensures that students secure a minimum net income of 1,700 Euros per month.

Institution: International Max Planck Research School
Level of Study: PhD

IMB International PhD Program

The IMB International Doctoral Scholarship programme for overseas students furnishes complete financial backing that encompasses the entirety of living and travel expenses for the participants.

Institution: IMB, Mainz, Germany
Level of Study: PhD

Deutsches Museum Scholar in Residence Program

The Academic Research Fellowship offered by the Deutsches Museum caters to both postgraduate and doctoral candidates of non-national status. This fully-funded scholarship is designed to bolster scholarly pursuits by providing researchers with a guaranteed annual income of 30,000 euros.

Institution: Deutsches Museum
Level of Study: Postdoctoral / Pre-doctoral research

Humboldt Research Fellowship

The Humboldt Research Fellowships present a full funding scheme aimed at researchers from around the globe. This endowment is crafted for postdoctoral scholars and proffers a stipend of 3,150 EUR per month. Fellows are also entitled to receive additional financial grants to assist family members and cater to other necessities.

Institution: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Level of Study: Postdoctoral

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

The International Student Scholarship Programme of the Heinrich Böll Foundation provides extensive financial assistance to students from around the globe. Available for both postgraduate and doctoral scholarly pursuits, this scholarship fully covers the educational expenses, thus affording students the opportunity to study free from financial encumbrance.

Institution: The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
Level of Study: Masters / PhD

The Leo Baeck Fellowship Program

The Leo Baeck Scholarship offers comprehensive financial support to students from across the globe in order to advance their careers, providing a monthly living allowance of 1,350 Euros and an additional 100 Euros for research purposes.

Institution: Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Level of Study: PhD

SBW Berlin Scholarship

The SBW Berlin Scholarship Programme is a comprehensive grant system providing financial assistance to university students hailing from all corners of the globe. This programme, accessible to candidates at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, aims to alleviate the financial burden during their period of study by offering full tuition fee support, in addition to a monthly monetary stipend, housing arrangements, and covering of travel expenses.

Institution: SBW Berlin
Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships offer comprehensive opportunities as fully-funded scholarships for international postgraduate and doctoral students. A financial stipend of €1,350 per month is provided to the students, along with an additional allowance of €100 for any necessary research-related expenses. Furthermore, ancillary benefits such as health insurance are also included in the scholarship package.

Institution: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Neufert-Foundation Scholarships

The Neufert Foundation’s scholarship initiative targets graduates from across the globe, offering financial support to those students embarking on postgraduate courses in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

Institution: Neufert-Foundation
Level of Study: Masters

Jacobs University Scholarships

Jacob’s University Bremen offers fully-funded master’s scholarships to support the global student community. This merit-based scholarship programme provides selected students with financial assistance of up to 12,000 Euros per annum.

Institution: Jacobs University Bremen
Level of Study: Masters

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s international scholarship programme affords full financial aid to master’s and doctoral students with a comprehensive support package, offering €850 monthly to master’s applicants and €1,200 to those at the doctoral level. The stipend encapsulates essential educational expenditures including tuition fees and accommodation costs.

Institution: German Universities
Level of Study: Masters / PhD

Facebook PhD Fellowship

The 2024-2025 Facebook Doctoral Scholarship targets doctoral candidates worldwide, offering a broad financing opportunity that encompasses educational fees and living expenses. The award facilitates coverage of enrolment costs for students throughout their two-year academic pursuits, in addition to providing a regular stipend and travel funds for attendance at scholarly gatherings.

Institution: An accredited university in any country
Level of Study: PhD

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The comprehensive postgraduate scholarship programme, offered through the collaboration between Japan and the World Bank, provides financial support to students from across the globe. Participants in this programme are afforded financial assistance, which covers their educational expenses, housing needs, flight costs, and daily living expenditures.

Institution: Newcastle University
Level of Study: Masters

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program

The scholarship that bears the name of Robert S. McNamara is a financial grant established with the intention of providing monetary assistance to doctoral students hailing from overseas. Under the full scholarship scheme, selected candidates are granted a sum totalling 42,750 US Dollars, allocated for use across an eight-month tenure.

Institution: World Bank
Level of Study: Ph.D.

IIE-SRF Fellowship

The IIE-SRF Fellowship Programme represents a fully-funded scholarship opportunity for students at doctoral level. This initiative provides researchers with academic assignments lasting up to one year, with financial support of up to 25,000 US Dollars, and concurrently offers health insurance services.

Institution: IIE-SRF 
Level of Study: PhD

ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Exchange Program

For postdoctoral researchers aspiring to specialise in the fields of Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroscience, there exists a global-scale Research Fellowship Exchange Programme under the auspices of ECTRIMS. The primary objective of this programme is to optimise the sharing of knowledge and skills within academic pursuits, and to contribute towards the establishment of a cadre of specialised researchers in this sector.

Institution: European Universities
Level of Study: Postdoctoral

Human Frontier Science Program Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Postdoctoral Fellowships provide financial support for international researchers in the life sciences by covering living expenses, travel costs, and research activities. Additional provisions within these fellowships also cater to individual needs of researchers, such as childcare, parental leave, and relocation assistance.

Institution: Human Frontier Science Program
Level of Study: Postdoctoral

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program

The International Mathematical Union, through the IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program, provides extensive financial support for doctoral education to students from around the globe. This scholarship includes annual financial assistance of up to 10,000 US Dollars, covering tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, and other essential living expenses.

Institution: International Mathematical Union
Level of Study: PhD

Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships

The Schlumberger Foundation’s Faculty for the Future Grant proffers educational assistance, within whose purview lies the provision of financial aid to international students at the graduate and doctoral levels. Doctoral scholars may avail themselves of a maximum of $50,000 per annum, whilst postdoctoral researchers are afforded the opportunity of an annual stipend of $40,000. This bursary also presents the possibility of renewal throughout the tenure of the academic pursuit.

Institution: Leading universities worldwide
Level of Study: PhD (Doctoral) / Postdoctoral

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