Full Funded McGill University Scholarships 2024

McGill University Scholarships program for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels of study. The University, recognized for its academic excellence, opens its doors to international students, offering a comprehensive range of full-time degree programs. As the deadline for application is determined by the respective admission dates, aspirants are encouraged to apply promptly to seize the benefits of a scholarship that generously covers up to $8,500 for undergraduates and provides modest bursaries for Masters and PhD candidates.

At the heart of the scholarship program lies the ethos of accessibility and equality; any student from any country may apply, provided they demonstrate a financial need and the commitment to pursue a full-time degree at McGill University. Eligibility hinges on applicants’ ability to furnish proof of their financial predicament, the necessity to apply for government student aid, or Indigenous Band Support Funding, and their willingness to accept the maximum government student aid available to them. Moreover, the University insists on continuous satisfactory academic progression as a prerequisite for retaining the scholarship.

Prospective students eyeing these scholarships must register in an undergraduate or Masters program and follow through with a comprehensive application process. International students face an additional requirement – the completion of a CSS Profile alongside the McGill Minerva aid application for the Entrance Bursary Program. Concurrently, it is important to note that the University accepts In-course Financial Aid applications throughout the academic year, which apply to the current year running from September to August, with applications rolling out starting in August. It’s an invitation to join the thriving community of McGill, nestled in the culturally-rich and diverse backdrop of Canada Scholarships for international students , for a transformative educational journey underscored by financial empowerment.

Level of Study

McGill University offers various scholarship opportunities for students at multiple levels of higher education. Whether you are embarking on your undergraduate journey, seeking a masters degree, or pursuing a PhD, there are financial support options available to assist with your academic pursuits in Canada.

  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • PhD


Known for its prestigious standing and diverse programs, McGill University is the academic institution providing these scholarships. Located in the vibrant and culturally rich city of Montreal, McGill offers a world-class educational environment.


McGill University is situated in Canada, a country renowned for its high-quality education system and welcoming nature towards international students and scholars.


To take advantage of these scholarship opportunities, it is critical to adhere to McGill University’s admission deadlines. Although specific dates are not provided here, prospective students should consult the university’s official website for detailed information.

Courses Offered

Aspiring scholars can apply for scholarships in full-time degree programs across a wide array of disciplines, thereby pursuing academic excellence in their chosen field of study.

Scholarship Coverage

McGill University Scholarships coverage varies significantly between levels of study, with undergraduates able to receive up to $8,500 in aid. While funding for masters and PhD students is described as modest, it nonetheless provides valuable financial support.

  • Up to $8,500 for undergraduates
  • Modest bursaries for masters and PhD students

Required Language

Proficiency in English is necessary for applicants, as it is the primary language of instruction and communication at McGill University.

Eligible Countries

Regardless of geographic origin, students from all around the world are invited to apply for scholarships at McGill University, reflecting its inclusive and global academic community.

McGill University Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for McGill scholarships, students must meet various criteria including enrollment in full-time studies, demonstration of financial need, and satisfactory academic performance.

  • Full-time degree program enrollment at McGill University
  • Demonstration of financial need
  • Application for government student aid or Indigenous Band Support Funding
  • Maintaining satisfactory academic standing
McGill University Scholarships

Application Instructions

McGill University Scholarships application process entails enrollment in a degree program, submission of financial profiles for international students, and timely submission of financial aid applications. These processes are integral to securing financial aid for the academic year.

  • Enroll in an undergraduate or masters degree program at McGill University
  • Submission of a CSS Profile and McGill Minerva aid application
  • Financial aid applications are accepted during the academic year and become available in August

Official Website: https://www.mcgill.ca/studentaid/scholarships-aid

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