Douglas College Scholarships for International Student – Fully Funded

Douglas College Scholarships in British Columbia, Canada, offers an exceptional opportunity for performance-driven undergraduates through its annual scholarship program. Aimed at nurturing academic excellence, this financial aid covers up to CAD 7000 of tuition fees for a year, split across the Fall and Winter semesters. Candidates from around the globe are invited to apply, provided they meet the scholarship’s eligibility criteria, which includes maintaining a minimum 60% GPA in their high school diploma and meeting English language proficiency with scores such as TOEFL iBT (minimum 83) or IELTS (minimum overall band 6.5). With deadlines on January 31, May 31, and September 30, applicants are urged to mark their calendars to ensure timely submissions.

Douglas College Scholarships is particularly competitive due to its extensive course offerings. Students can choose from a wide range of disciplines including Child, Family & Community Studies, Commerce & Business Administration (with specialties like Accounting and Finance), Health Sciences, which covers Nursing and Nursing – Psychiatry, and other areas like Criminology, Psychology, Science & Technology, and Sport Science. These courses are structured to provide a comprehensive educational experience, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of international students.

The application process for this scholarship is meticulous and requires attention to detail. Prospective scholars must firstly secure an admission offer from Douglas College before delving into the scholarship application form. Alongside the form, necessary documents such as educational transcripts, proof of English language proficiency, and a CAD 100 application fee receipt must be submitted to Douglas College International Admissions. It is crucial to note that the application fee is non-refundable and should be paid through the Flywire Payment Portal, with program availability confirmation recommended via email before proceeding.

Douglas College Scholarships Details

The Douglas College offers a performance-based scholarship aimed at undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Located in British Columbia, Canada, this scholarship provides a significant financial contribution towards the recipient’s tuition fees for the duration of one year, covering both the Fall and Winter semesters.

  • Institution: Douglas College
  • Location: British Colombia, Canada
  • Duration: One year, encompassing Fall & Winter semesters
  • Application Deadlines: January 31, May 31, and September 30 (annually)
  • Coverage: Up to CAD 7000 towards tuition fees

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates from all nationalities are encouraged to apply for the scholarship, provided they meet the academic and language proficiency requirements. A strong academic record reflecting a minimum GPA of 60% in their High School Diploma is necessary, along with sufficient English language proficiency as evidenced by standardized test scores.

  • Open to all nationalities
  • Minimum 60% GPA in High School Diploma
  • English Language proficiency: TOEFL iBT (min score 83) or IELTS (min overall band score 6.5)

Application Process

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must first secure admission to Douglas College. Once admitted, they must complete a scholarship application form and provide all necessary supporting documents to the International Admissions office at Douglas College.

  • Application Opens post admission offer
  • Completion of scholarship application form is mandatory
  • Required documents include:
    • Completed application form
    • Waiver
    • Passport scan
    • Study permit (if applicable)
    • Transcripts
    • Proof of graduation
    • English language proof
    • Application fee receipt (CAD 100, non-refundable)

Application Fee

An application fee of CAD 100 must be paid through the specified Flywire Payment Portal. Applicants should verify the program’s availability by contacting the admissions department before making the payment.

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Contact for Admission Requirements

For detailed admission requirements, prospective students should reach out directly to the Douglas College International department. Contact information has not been provided here.

Courses Offered

Douglas College Scholarships offers a range of courses across various specializations. The scholarship is applicable to many fields of study, including but not limited to Social Work, Business Administration, Health Sciences, and more.

  • Course categories include: Child, Family & Community Studies, Commerce & Business Administration, Health Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science & Technology, and Sport Science.
Douglas College Scholarships

Other Scholarships to Consider

In addition to the Douglas College scholarship, applicants may also consider other prestigious scholarships such as the DAAD and Chevening Scholarships. It is advisable to review the full specialties list and confirm details with Douglas College International before applying.

  • Other Scholarships: DAAD Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship

Please ensure to check the Douglas College International’s official resources for a full list of specialties, and verify all the information before embarking on the application process. 

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