Chinese Government Scholarships 2024 – Fully Funded

The Chinese Government Scholarships is a prestigious financial aid package offered by various provincial governments in China to attract international students to their respective regions. Aimed at fostering global cultural exchanges and promoting the development of local educational institutions, these scholarships vary in scope and requirements depending on each province’s specific goals and available resources. Eligible candidates benefit from a holistic support system that frequently covers tuition fees, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and a living allowance to ensure a comfortable academic experience while studying in China.

Chinese Government Scholarships has different categories tailored to the level and field of study. The Type A scholarship is typically oriented towards postgraduate studies, including Master’s and Doctoral degrees, while Type B focuses on providing financial assistance to Bachelor’s degree candidates. Type C is designed for individuals seeking long-term advanced studies, such as intensive language programs, which are integral for students wishing to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and society. It is crucial to note that the number of scholarships awarded each year is limited and competitive, with renewal possibilities based on the student’s academic performance.

One must be cognizant of the application process, which generally requires proof of non-Chinese citizenship, lack of overlapping awards from other Chinese government scholarships, and adherence to certain age restrictions. Documentation such as diplomas, language proficiency certificates, study proposals, and recommendation letters are usually mandated for a complete application. Moreover, with an application period stretching from January to May or June, prospective students need to prepare well in advance and follow each university’s particular submission guidelines.

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Successful applicants are typically informed by late July, having been evaluated on both academic merit and the completeness of their submission.

Types of Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships are categorized into three types:

  • Type A: For postgraduate studies including Master’s or Doctorate degrees.
  • Type B: Aimed at students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Type C: Designed for long-term advanced studies, such as Chinese language courses.

However, it is important to note that in Shanghai, scholarships are categorized differently, with Type A offering full coverage and Type B providing partial coverage, excluding Chinese language courses from their offerings.

Characteristics of the Scholarships

Recipients of these scholarships can expect various benefits:

  • Registration fees coverage.
  • Free accommodation.
  • Health insurance provision.
  • A potential monthly personal expenses stipend.

These scholarships are competitive as the number of awards is limited and varies by university. Additionally, the duration of each scholarship is dependent on the study level but is typically renewable annually.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must adhere to certain criteria to be eligible:

  • Must possess a non-Chinese nationality.
  • Should not be a recipient of other Chinese government scholarships.
  • There are age limits, which commonly range from 25-30 years for undergraduates, 30-35 years for masters or language courses, and up to 40 years for doctoral candidates.

Documents Required

Prospective candidates must submit a series of documents:

  • A completed application form.
  • HSK diploma for studies in Chinese, with HSK4 for undergraduate and HSK5 for master’s or doctorate studies.
  • TOEFL or IELTS results for non-native English speakers engaging in English-taught studies.
  • An official medical form or Foreigner Physical Examination Form.
  • The highest degree and transcript (academic record).
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal in English or Chinese.
  • Letters of recommendation are necessary for masters or doctoral applicants.
  • Additional documents, such as work samples for art or music students.
  • All documents should be certified or notarized.
Chinese Government Scholarships

Application Procedure

The application timeline is outlined as follows:

  • The application period typically runs from January to May/June annually.
  • Applications must be submitted online and then forwarded to the chosen university.
  • Applicants can expect the results to be announced by July 31 on the application website.

Scholarship Programs

Some of the notable scholarships include:

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS): Established in 2006, offering Type A (Full Scholarship) and Type B (Partial scholarship) with a detailed information link provided for prospective applicants.

Official Website :

  • Beijing Government Scholarship: Formed by the city government to promote the internationalization of higher education in Beijing, with up to 40,000 yuan per recipient.
  • Hubei Government Scholarship: Based in a province with a well-developed educational sector. Award types range from undergraduate to advanced scholar, with varying amounts between 10,000 – 20,000 RMB per year.

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